Do you have your own travel blog or web and do you want to be visible here? If you will show us on your web, we are happy to introduce you and show you too. Write us and lets arrange something!

We will be also happy, if you tag our profile on your facebook or instagram (@wildcampingtips), and we will share those that will engage us!

We are going to activate traveller’s profiles soon. Each registered user will have the possibility to choose whether wants to be stated as an author of a spot or not while adding new spot. If you choose yes, and will have a lot of good spots, your profile, facebook and web will be more visible.

Do you wish to join us and help to add places in database but you don’t have right places right now? We need you! Write us, we have more than a lot to do and no time to do it 😉 (We would like to warn you in advance that all of us is passionate about it, however even if we would like to, we are not able to offer you a fee or pay at all).

(Ordered alphabetically, not by importance. We respect all of them equally :-))

Chatty Campers logo – Chatty Campers a UK travel blog all about camping and outdoor adventures! As we explore the UK, we will share our best wild camping spots, new camping recipes and the exciting outdoor activities the country has to offer.
Lada SVETOM logo – “Travelling as a beggar” is the main motto of the traveller’s group called LADA svetom. All the days in one sweat-drenched T-shirt, cooking in an aluminium pot on fire and sleeping on a ground. Don’t expect tips best hotel from us 😉

Who will be next?

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