Dehumidifier Choosing Tips: Is The Alen MDF3-70 Good?
The Alen Energy Star 70 Pint Dehumidifier MDF3–70 is one of the larger dehumidifiers on the market with a 70 pints per day capacity for moisture removal from the surrounding air. 800 watts of power is used to deliver this air cleaning ability, with a reach of up to 800 square feet. The Energy Star compliance and an R-410A refrigerant mark (Freon-free, which has chlorine that can be damaging to the environment) both confirm that this ecofriendly unit efficiently uses power. There is an auto shut-off feature to save power, like when the collection tank is full, which can avoid being wasteful with electricity. This unit is perfectly suited for larger spaces like basements, master bedrooms, big family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, entertainment rooms, and other areas that cover a lot of floor space. RV living, poorly insulated areas around the home and real estate in a coastal region with an excess of moisture in the air can all benefit enormously from a quite substantial reduction in humidity levels. Bacteria and mold thrive at humidity levels above 80 percent, so any reductions from these elevated levels helps promote a healthier and safer home or business environment. The effective temperature range for continual dehumidifier operations is between 41F and 89F. This dehumidifier is propped up on wheel casters, so it can be rolled around or carried using the carry handles attached to the unit. It has two fan speeds for improved control and an adjustable all digital humidistat that can be set between 35–80 percent. It is recommended that for good indoor air quality that a setting of up to 50 percent is best. The air filters are washable and can be replaced, so that the air in the room can be cleaner and no longer have a damp, musty smell that may have become all too familiar. The internal fans for moving air are extremely powerful. This makes the unit for more robust and usable, but it does also increase the amount of sound emitted during operation. A lower capacity unit with less powerful fans would make for quieter operations, but then the tradeoff is that smaller units can only be used effectively in smaller room-sized. Humidity levels can drop by 40 degrees during usage, which can remove a musty smell from bathrooms quickly and as a side benefit lower humidity levels can help to dry just-washed clothes quite fast too. Drainage has two popular options. The first is a standard water pipe which allows for ongoing drainage as needed. The second is a huge 9.5-liter water tank that can be emptied when full and there is an indicator for that. The Alen range of dehumidifiers have lent the Alen brand an enviable reputation for excellence when it comes to sheer power and efficiency. This heavy-duty product of Alen design ingenuity is a shining example of robust air dehumidifying with a strong internal fan that packs a punch. A large amount of air is pushed through the system quickly, which helps to reduce humidity levels much faster than lesser brands with lower capacities. This power does add to the noise generated during operation, however, this is an acceptable trade-off for this workhorse.

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