The Reasons That You Need a Whole House Humidifier
Maintaining an appropriate humidity in your home can provide numerous benefits both to your property and to your health. Your family will experience a definite feel-good effect when surrounded with comfortable levels of humidification. You'll all notice health benefits - less coughs and sore throats along with less dry itchy skin and fewer nosebleeds. But it’s not just the people who will feel the benefit.
  • Hardwood floors will not dry out and crack
  • Musical instruments will stay in tune
  • Doors and cupboards will not warp
  • Sensitive computer and electronic equipment will not be subject to static electricity
  • Your favorite furniture and family heirlooms will better survive the tests of time
  • Your books and library will stay malleable without their spines cracking
The easiest way to achieve all this and much more is to maintain a suitable humidity level for your whole house – to install a whole house humidifier.

Whole House Humidifiers — the Complete Solution

For most of the winter months, people are often forced to stay inside breathing uncomfortably dry, centrally heated air. Humidifiers help to keep comfortable levels of moisture in the air, which really reduces the strain on the respiratory system. Whole-house humidifiers work like the traditional room humidifiers: They put moisture into the air, making harsh, dry air easier to breathe – soothing you. In addition, these humidifiers use water mists instead of hot steam, which keeps the entire house at the desired humidity level; – no more carrying a humidifier from room to room in the winter and then waiting for the humidity to rise. Installing a humidifier is simple - if you are replacing your furnace. If you are not replacing your furnace, you can still fit a humidifier to your current system with minimal effort and cost. Once installed, you still need to properly maintain your humidifier to avoid potential bacterial growth. Periodic cleaning, replacement of the filter and draining of the reservoir are some of the measures you need to take to improve the performance and life of the humidifier.  If integrating a whole-house unit is not an option, then the house humidifier is an excellent option. The Honeywell whole-house humidifier is particularly well suited for houses needing increased protection for wood flooring and furnishings. Some of the key features of this humidifier include: This humidifier is capable of humidifying a large house and thus protecting woodwork, furniture, fittings, oh! - And the occupants! Humidifiers really come into their own in centrally heated houses. Once you've got one, your whole mentality changes:  what you once thought was a luxury now is upgraded to a necessity for comfortable living.

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